About us

R. Sadowski company was founded in 1996 by Rafal Sadowski.

Initially the company produced gravestone gallantry only in which it has supplied wholesale firms and stonemason companies in Poland. In subsequent years the company expanded its business to the production of the cremation urns for Ashes.

Diligent work, consistency, and above all a true passion, the passion for perfection make R. Sadowski company the leading urns manufacturer in Poland.
Our company is the only one in Poland that produces composite urns. These urns imitate natural stone and marble. This technology has allowed the company to produce products that are 100% weatherproof. This fact enables us to give our customers a final product with a lifetime guarantee of quality preserved.


R. Sadowski company always takes part in the Funeral Industry Fairs NECROEXPO where in 2005 it received the award for the urn that imitates natural stone. Also since 2005, we are the member of the Polish Chamber of Funeral, which allows, among other things, to exchange experience with the other members.

Our products are recognized not only in Poland but also in European countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, Germany. We are proud of thriving cooperation with the leading funeral companies in Poland. The proof for can be the agreements signed with these companies.

We supply with urns all the crematoria in the country. As the motto of our company is Quality and Professionalism, all the time new projects are being implemented and new goals are being set to continue developing and improving our products.
In the end, naming the company his own name is the great commitment. It’s the owner himself – Rafał Sadowski is responsible for the quality of the products and professional service of the customers.


R. Sadowski company precisely determines the policy of its actions and consistently realizes it. Therefore, to meet the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of new products, taking into account the individual needs of customers who pay special attention to the gravity of the burial.

At the moment, we offer our customers composite urns, urns of marble, brass, ceramics and steel (all of them in different colors, with different capacity and diverse design).

We are the only one manufacturer of urns in Poland that has such a wide range of urns.

Because no machine will replace man, production of urns is also manual work which is indispensable to achieve the final effect of such high class. As the only company in Poland we decorate wooden, composite and ceramic urns with Swarovski crystals.